Monday, December 3, 2012

Hand Print Ornament

Hand Print Ornament

I made this last Christmas with a dear friend of mine (thanks, Lacey!), using the little girl's handprint.  At that time she was only 4 months old.  Wow, time flies.  I'm so glad I did, though, because it's a wonderful keepsake that we will treasure more and more with each year that passes.  They also make great gifts -- the grandparents will so happy to recieve one too!

Things you'll need:
-- Plain glass ornament
-- Acrylic paint
-- Glitter
-- Ribbon
-- Paint pen
-- A helping hand (especially if you have a real little one who can't follow simple directions)

Since acrylic paint stains, first strip down your child to his/her diaper or underwear.  Or you can put them in an art shirt.  :)

Set up shop in your kitchen or a room with a sink, so you have the option to quickly rinse off any "mistake" attempts.

Dip child's hand in paint, or "paint" it on their palm with a paint brush.  Spread their fingers and place it onto the ornament.  Remove. 

Sprinkle hand print with glitter and let dry.  Using the paint pen, inscribe on the other side to remember what year it was made and which child, if applicable, the hand print belongs to.  Tie a ribbon to the top and hang it on your tree.