Monday, January 2, 2012

Private Selection Frozen Foods

Private Selection Frozen Foods

As another BzzAgent trial, I tested Private Selection Frozen Foods.  Specifically, I tested one of their frozen pizzas, one of their frozen appetizer packs, and a frozen dessert.  Here's my review, ranked in the order that I enjoyed them.

PIZZA:  I chose the pepperoni pizza.  The placement of the pepperonis and mozzarella "blobs" wasn't very even, but the taste was great.  Given the price, the size, and the fact that it is thin crust, it's not the greatest bang for the buck, but it's definitely a "fancier" frozen pizza than we typically buy.

APPETIZERS:  This appetizer trio was great.  The cost, when you factor in that there are only 9 pieces in a box, was not.  If you are needing a few appetizer snacks for a small group, then this would be a good option.  If you're looking to serve a crowd, though, save your money and either make your own or buy another brand that offers more pieces.

DESSERT:  I was excited about this dessert, but was let down.  The cake was kinda dry, and not even the gooey hot fudge center was enough to fix that problem.  This would be a good dessert to have on hand for kids, because it is FAST.  Pop it in the microwave, flip out onto a plate, and enjoy.

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