Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kroger Comforts for Baby

Kroger Comforts for Baby

I was pretty excited when this BzzKit arrived (another BzzAgent testing opportunity).  My how life has changed in that I get excited about wipes, sippy cups, and diapers.  Macey can't even use the sippy cups yet, but I'm still excited for when she can.  We've tried, and she understands the point of them, but the flow of liquid is still too fast for her. So I can't review those at this time.

The wipes...  I wasn't too impressed with the wipes.  They were extra thick, but surprisingly dry for their thickness.  You would expect a thicker wipe to be more moist, but these just seemed to be coarse and not flexible enough.  Wouldn't buy these again.  Even in a pinch, I think I'd try another brand.  It's hard to say that about something, but they just weren't impressive.

Look at these cute diapers:

Not bad looks for a store brand!  Upon taking them out of the package, they felt thinner than I was expecting.  I decided to try one as an overnight diaper.  And it held through -- even after an early bedtime (6:45pm - 7:45am) -- and her PJs were dry in the morning.  Yay!

I'd buy the diapers but pass on the wipes.  Can't wait to try the sippy cups in the future.  I love that they have a flippable lid that covers the spout.  Perfect for on-the-go cleanliness.

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