Thursday, June 24, 2010

Filet Mignon Topped with Blue Cheese

Filet Mignon Topped with Blue Cheese

Serves 2.

A simple classic with added flavor. In my opinion, the most important part of cooking filet is choosing a good piece. I like them short and stocky.
Source: The 3-Hour Diet Cookbook

2 filet mignon steaks, about 3/4-1 lb. total
Salt and pepper, or steak seasoning
1 T. olive oil
4 oz. crumbled blue cheese, about 1/2 c.

Season filets with salt and pepper.
Heat a skillet, with 1 T. olive oil, over medium-high heat. Allow the pan to get very hot.
Sear filets over the heat, cooking until internal thermometer, inserted in the thickness part of the meat, reaches about 140 degrees. Reduce heat and add crumbled blue cheese. Let meat rest for 7-10 minutes, until blue cheese has melted and meat's temperature has risen a few more degrees.

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  1. 140 degrees! Filet Mignon should be served rare or medium rare at the most. If it hits 140 or higher in the middle, feed it to the dog and plan on going out for dinner.