Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easy Labor

Easy Labor by William Camann, M.D. and Kathryn Alexander, M.A.

I'm expecting a wee baby girl on July 14 and The Mister and I could not be more thrilled. In an attempt to educate myself on the different options out there, I decided to read this book, among others. Out of all the books I read, I thought this one did the best job of offering the most trustworthy information without trying to sway you one direction or the other. A great read for first-time moms wanting to know more about the labor and birth process, and the different options available to you. It also stresses the importance of speaking up for yourself and being knowledgeable as a patient, and when to question doctors orders/suggestions.

Reviews from

A superb book that gives anyone who is pregnant a great understanding of the choices and rationale for those options that make birth easier.
~Dr Michael Roizen, MD, co-author of New York Times #1 bestseller, YOU: The Owner’s Manual

Gives pregnant women a comprehensive overview of all their options for making labor more comfortable.
~ Newsweek

"Down-to-earth prose provides compelling descriptions of labor from moms, doctors, and midwives. A “Great Read”."
–FitPregnancy Magazine

"Provides a road map through the thorny thicket of labor — no matter what path you choose."
–ePregnancy Magazine editor’s book pick

“Best Bet” for labor literature!"
–Pregnancy Magazine

"A thoughtful and thorough look at epidurals, narcotics, hypnosis, acupuncture, and other traditional and nontraditional methods of pain relief, so your choices can be well informed. The authors believe that knowledge is power — in this case, the power to choose pain-relief methods that reflect one’s own values, priorities, and preferences. They deliver the facts and options in a meaningful and easy-to-understand way, while acknowledging feelings and providing reassurance."
–National Parenting Publications Gold Medal Award

“A common sense, down-to-earth approach to discussing pain-relief options during childbirth . . . a must for women wanting the straight scoop on what to expect during delivery!”
–Joy Hawkins, M.D., director of Obstetric Anesthesia and professor of anesthesiology, at the University of Colorado

“Reassuring and informative . . . a detailed and readable presentation of maternal stress, fear, and pain during childbirth.”
–Penny Simkin, co-founder of Doulas of North America International, and author of The Birth Partner


  1. I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations. :) How is your husband doing, I can't remember if he's already started his residency?

    I'll be sure to pick this book up when we are TTC. :)

  2. Thanks, Christina! We are pretty excited. :)
    He is in his first year of ER residency -- starts year 2 in July!