Thursday, October 21, 2010

MyGetTogether: Chex Mix Snacks "Game Day" Get-Together

MyGetTogether: Chex Mix Snacks "Game Day" Get-Together

Through the MyGetTogether program, I was chosen to host a Chex Mix party -- specifically themed "Game Day." The party fell together easily, given that I was going to be with a bunch of friends that day anyway for a friend's wedding. And because there was time to kill in between the ceremony and reception, we appropriately scheduled to "get-together" at my place in the meantime. We munched on Chex Mix and caught the tail end of some football games.

Here's what I received:

In addition, I also got a large stack of Chex Mix coupons to hand out to guests.

The three flavors, ready to be devoured:

The verdict:
While all three snack mixes were enjoyed, there was a definite favorite: Original Chex Mix!

2nd place was divided between the other two. Turtle catered to the chocolate-lovers, while Sweet and Salty had a taste that was interesting and addicting, but got to be too much after a while.

But, it's funny, because the longer it's been since Sweet & Salty, the better my memory of it. Kinda like I want it again.
But you know what I want more? Original! And better yet? Homemade Original!

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  1. The Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix is my favorite, with Original coming in second :)