Friday, August 17, 2012

Fast & Spicy Thai Noodles

Fast & Spicy Thai Noodles

Serves 8.
When I tried this, I had to have the recipe!  And it's so easy to make!  A great substitute for traditional pasta salad.  Be careful, it's got a zing to it!
Source: a friend's mom :)

1 lb. chunky pasta, such as farfalle
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
(2)  11 ½ oz.  bottles of Bangkok Padang Peanut Sauce (Only use House of Tsang Brand) in Asian section
8 green onions, cut diagonally into 1/4 –inch pieces
3-4 shakes dried parsley or a handful of chopped, fresh parsley (I use fresh)
½ cup dry roasted peanuts, whole or chopped (add more if desired)

Boil pasta, per package directions, in plenty of salted water.  Drain and transfer to large container, tossing with the olive oil and stirring occasionally.  Allow the pasta to cool to room temperature.  Just before serving, combine one entire bottle of Peanut Sauce (see note below), green onions, parsley and peanuts.  Toss just a bit as the dish is erved.  The first time this dish is served, it’s served at room temperature.  Leftovers are served cold. 

The person who gave me this recipe noted she had tried many other types of peanut sauce, commercial and homemade and, hands down, this is the best one available.  It is inexpensive and available at Giant Eagle and Kroger.  Be sure to let the pasta come to room temperature before adding the peanut sauce or it ruins the consistency and dish is diminished.  The reason she indicated one bottle of sauce will do it but adding the second bottle makes it nice and moist.  Prepare the pasta the night before and then added the second bottle before serving.

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