Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Green Bean "Fries"

Green Bean "Fries"

Serves 4.

Delicious!  My new go-to for green beans.
Slightly adapted from: Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom

1-lb. Green Beans (blogger suggested Trader Joe's Haricot Verts which are thin, crispy and already prepped for you)
1 Tbs. olive oil, melted (or enough to lightly coat the green beans)
1 tsp. Kosher Sea Salt (or to taste)
2 cloves fresh Garlic, minced
Preheat oven to 400 deg. F.
Rinse, trim and pat dry the green beans (if it hasn't been done already).
Place green beans on a baking sheet and toss with oil, salt and garlic. Spread green beans in an even layer.
Bake for about 10 minutes if you like your green beans al dente, longer if you prefer your green beans soft. Serve and enjoy!


  1. Wait, so did you use butter or melted olive oil? ;)

  2. haha, oops! The original recipe calls for melted butter, but I used olive oil. I must've C&Ped and forgotten to remove the word "melted."

  3. I figured they'd be better with butter, but I tried them with olive oil and garlic salt last night and they were so good I don't think I'll bother with the butter. Thanks for the recipe!