Monday, July 26, 2010

The Mr. Is Actually The Dr.

Although I've still be referring to him as The Mr., he actually became The Dr. earlier this summer.


I've gone back and forth: should he remain The Mr. or morph into The Dr.?? You tell me.

Anyway, in celebration of this grand feat, I planned a party. This party originally began as plans for an all-out bash; one with many invites, many celebratory drinks, and a large crowd of The Mr./Dr.'s friends and family.

But as the life of a first-year resident would demand, available weekends grew slim, and the one Saturday I had my eye on looked good... until we found out he had to work a 24-hour shift the next day, starting at 7am on Sunday. A sharp pin then deflated my bubble.

As I've been learning the ropes of being "a doctor's wife," I've often told myself that I will go with the flow (which can be awfully challenging for a planner like me). So I forged ahead with the party, and simply cut the guest list down to family, reset the start time for a few hours earlier, and let our families know that the end time would be fairly early as well.

***You'll find the recipes for noted items in this week's later posts.

We were ready to party.

We were ready to grill.

The drinks:
***Citrus Punch - Spiked and Virgin
Beer - Sam Adams, Land Shark, Pacifico, Bud Light, Coors Light
Wine - Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonny, Pinot Noir
Assorted pops
Bottled water

Citrus Punch:

The snacks:
***Chesapeake Bay Snack Mix

French Onion Dip, served with potato chips, Bugles corn chips (a family tradition started my great-grandmother), and carrots.

Forgot to photo: Mexican 7 Layer Dip with tortilla chips (thanks to the Mr./Dr.'s sister and her fiancé)

Circus Peanuts (a family tradition, started by my grandfather, Peppie)

The meal:
***The Perfect Hamburger

Hamburger toppings and condiments:

Cheesy Potatoes (thanks, Mom!)

The Mr./Dr.'s mom makes a great salad:

Fruit salad (again, thanks Mom!)

The desserts:
***Hot Fudge Brownie Dessert with Vanilla Ice Cream

***Key Lime Pie with Pretzel Crust

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