Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flower Cookies

Flower Cookies

Makes about 2 dozen.

These have been in my life for a long time. Years ago, as a subscriber to American Girl magazine, I found this recipe amidst the pages of a spring issue. I can still vividly remember making them the very first time. And since then, they continue to brighten my day whenever I make them. It's a great activity to do with kids... and they love tasting the end result!
Forgive my dark photos -- they were taken on my phone.

30 large marshmallows
24 gumdrops
1 pkg. slice and bake sugar cookies
1 container strawberry frosting

Preheat oven and bake cookies according to package directions.

While cookies are baking, prepare "petals" by cutting each marshmallow into four slices. Start by cutting on the end, as shown below, and then make two more cuts, to create four "petals" in all.

Here's what your petals should look like:

When cookies are done baking, cool completely on wire racks.
Frost, place gum drop in the middle, and surround with marshmallow petals. Wa-lah!

A Note From The Little Lady: When working with kids, it's often best to utilize all shortcuts possible! But if you're making these solo, or have patient helpers, use these tricks to make your flowers taste even better:
3. In separate bowls, dye batches of frosting in different shades of pastels.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I forgot about these! Just seeing them makes me smile :)