Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bright Side of Disaster

The Bright Side of Disaster by Katherine Center

What do you do when you're engaged to the man you think you are meant to spend the rest of your life with and then he leaves you? Oh, and your pregnant and due any day. The Bright Side of Disaster is an easy, brainless read that was a perfect choice after I had just finished reading some deeper, heavier books.

Booklist review from Amazon.com:

Jenny Harris is nesting in her Houston home with her fiance, Dean, awaiting the birth of their child, to be followed by their wedding. But Dean grows more distant, especially after a coworker dies in a plane crash, and Jenny ends up becoming a single mother. Determined to take good care of her child, she tries to forget about Dean, relegating him to the past. Coping with a baby takes all Jenny's time, so when her perfect single neighbor takes an interest, Jenny is flattered but exhausted. Then, when she finally decides to take a chance and get to know him, Dean comes back into her life. In her stellar first novel, Center paints an accurate and humorous view of motherhood, from the physical changes to lack of sleep and exhaustion as well as the changes in friendships and feelings about men. Patty Engelmann
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