Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Butterfly House

The Butterfly House by Marcia Preston

A dark and dreary book with a compelling story. One of those books that you don't really want to be reading it, but you can't seem to put it down. The story leaves you feeling sorry for the characters, slightly creeped out, and saddened... but you keep reading. Does this make it a good book or a bad book? Probably a good book, but just prepare yourself for a tough read.

In clear, luminous prose Marcia Preston brings readers the story of three women, connected by friendship, family secrets and a single moment that binds them together forever.

As a child, Bobbie Lee found refuge from her lonely life at her best friend's house. Rockhaven was a place of magic, colored by the butterflies that Cincy Jaines's mother, Lenora, studied. Her friendship with Cincy and Lenora soon became Bobbie's compass. But the tangled intimacies between them began to unravel, and in one night, Rockhaven became a place of unspeakable tragedy.

Now, a decade later, the long shadows of that night continue to haunt Bobbie, despite her attempts to hide from the past. When a stranger with ties to Lenora and Cincy arrives at her doorstep, she is forced to confront the memories she has tried to avoid, and the dark secret at the heart of the tragedy slowly emerges.

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