Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FAIL: It happens

Every once in a while dinner is a complete flop. Thankfully, it doesn't happen all that often, but believe me -- it still happens.

Take last night for example...
It smelled bad.
It looked horrible.
I crinkled my nose and almost gagged upon lifting the crock pot lid.
I couldn't even bring myself to try it.
The Mister took and taste and said: "It's kinda like beggar's food."

Cue frozen pizza.
And a good laugh.

The point? I aim for everyday, real-life foods here. Meals that fit your busy lifestyle. Easy, weeknight meals and the occasional fancy-schmancy meal. And what's real life without recognizing the fact that failure DOES happen in the kitchen. Sometimes it's funny (I thank God when it is!), sometimes it's utterly frustrating (yes, I've cried before), and sometimes it's just sad ("Look at all those ingredients I wasted!")... but you toss it, you eat frozen processed food, and you start again the next day.

Or you take a day off and start again the day after tomorrow. :)

Any memorable failures in YOUR kitchen?


  1. I have had them too- and Sean smiles and eats them and "pretends" but I can tell that it is usually something I will not even attempt again. I'm curious now though- what was the recipe?

  2. It was a crock pot recipe, which kinda scare me sometimes anyway. It involved ground beef, potato, onion, broccoli, and cream of chicken soup. It was one of those dinners I threw together with ingredients on hand (but it did come from a cookbook!). The result was bad -- everything kinda became the same brownish color. Ick.
    Thank goodness we have adaptable, loving husbands, right Shannon???