Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Bee

Little Bee by Christ Cleave

This is a tough read at times, but a very good one. You'll laugh, cry, and become wide-eyed at the intense plot. Definitely recommend it for a "serious" read.

Bookmarks Magazine review from

Chris Cleave's Little Bee works because the unflinching, brutal story balances an outwardly political motive with rich, deep character development (and even some welcome humor), focusing narrowly on events before broadening to reveal some larger truths. Cleave's firm grasp of human nature and his unsparing disdain for injustice allow him to articulate lives as different as those of Little Bee and the less-likeable Sarah; both characters, though, are unforgettable. Comparisons between Cleave and fellow Brits Ian McEwan and John Banville are apt. The only dissent came from the San Francisco Chronicle, which took issue with the narrative voices and the rushed pace of the story. All others agreed, however, that Cleave's sophomore effort is, as the Chicago Sun-Times succinctly put it, "a loud shout of talent."
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  1. I'm reading this right now! I'm still in the early part, but enjoying it so far.