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Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

Stockings are one of my favorite things about Christmas. I don't know what it is about them, but the gifts inside are usually unpretentious, thoughtful, and, if you're lucky, a few will be edible. After The Mr. and I had been dating for a year or two, I came across two homeless stockings from my grandparents' house. And a new tradition was added to The Mr.'s and my gift exchange. Truth be told, I think the stuffing of stocking stressed him out at first, but I'm convinced he enjoys it more and more each year.

With this holiday season being our first as husband and wife, I thought it was only appropriate that we acquire some stockings to call our own. Always looking for the chance to do something myself, I set out on a new project. And, what do you know, it worked out just fine. I'm actually quite tickled over our new stockings. You may wonder why there are three. 1) I couldn't make up my mind between fabrics, and 2) I was certain I would butcher one of them in the production process. Surprisingly, I didn't, so I guess now we just need to wait for a furry little friend to come along. But no, there will not be one under the Christmas Tree.

Main fabric: Christmas Classics Peppermint Stripe Green (1 yd.)
Flap fabric: Cookie Cutter Christmas Holly Berry Dots Vanilla/Green (1 yd.)

Main fabric: Christmas Valley Holiday Stripe Natural (1 yd.)
Flap fabric: Winter Fun Checks Red (1 yd.)


Main fabric: City Girl Holiday Ribbon Stripe Red/Pink (1 yd.)
Flap fabric: Holiday Greetings Polka Dot Camel (1 yd.)


Directions: (keep in mind I kinda made these up as I went along, so I apologize ahead of time if they aren't as clear as they should be..)
Using a stocking you already have (or one from the $ store), create a pattern by tracing and cutting a sheet of cardstock about an inch outside the edge of the actual stocking.

Create double layers by folding fabric (main and flap) and batting in half. Starting with main fabric, pin pattern to fabric and cut. You will have two pieces of main stocking fabric. Repeat with batting.

FLAP FABRIC IS DIFFERENT: Pin pattern to fabric. Cut, but make it an extra 3-4" longer on top than the main fabric. See pictures below.

As show in picture above, layer fabrics and batting in the following order:

1: Flap fabric, right side to floor, wrong side up
2: Batting
3: Main fabric, right side up, wrong side to batting
4: Main fabric, right side down, wrong side up
5: Batting
6: Flap fabric, wrong side down, right side up

Pin around edges, about 1" from edge.

At the top of the flap fabric, fold under (wrong side to wrong side) about 1/2" to create a clean, non-fraying edge. Pin and stitch.

This is where it gets a little confusing...
To create flap, carefully fold flaps "into" the stocking and "into" each other. Remember, at this point, your stocking is inside out, so by folding the flaps into the stocking, you are creating them on the right side. Pin into place. (You may have to take a few of your original pins out to make space for the flap. Just repin them after arranging the flap.)
At this point, your layering will look like this:

1: Flap fabric, right side to floor, wrong side up
2: Batting
3: Main fabric, right side up, wrong side to batting
4: FLAP: right side up, wrong side pinned to main fabric
5: FLAP #2: right side to floor, wrong side pinned to other main fabric
6: Main fabric, right side down, wrong side up
7: Batting
8: Flap fabric, wrong side down, right side up

Using a sewing machine set to a straight stitch, stitch around edges,

Clean up the edges by cutting away any extra fabric and batting. Don't cut through the stitch though!

Turn your stocking inside out.

Did it turn out?? I hope so!

Every stocking needs a way to hang above the fireplace, though, right? Create a hanging loop but starting with a piece of main fabric, about 2" wide and 7" long.

Fold them over lengthwise, right sides together, and stitch close to the edge.

Turn inside out, put ends together, and sew to inside of stocking.

Again, I apologize for any faulty directions. I should've taken more pictures!

A Note From The LL: All fabric bought at

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