Friday, November 20, 2009

Cinnamon Spice Ornaments

Cinnamon Spice Ornaments

Consider these ornaments for things other than your Christmas tree. Offer them as a gift to whoever's hosting a holiday event you're attending. If you're the one hosting, hang them creativity throughout your home for a refreshing smell of the holidays that's guarateed to warm your soul and quiet your mind. Have kids at home? They'll love to help!

2 cups cold applesauce
1 cup nutmeg
1 cup ground cinnamon
1 cup ground cloves
Cookie cutters
Wax paper


Make a dough by mixing all of the above ingredients.
Roll dough out 1/4″ thick and make shapes with cookie cutters.
Create a hole on the top of the shapes. I used a meat thermometer, actually, because it was the first thing I thought of. I never actually removed any dough from the hole, just pushed it aside to create the hole.
Lay out shapes on wax paper until they are completely dry, for a few days. They dry much slower than I expected, which is also why I don't have a "completed project" photo posted just yet.
Insert ribbon or string through hole and hang.

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