Saturday, November 28, 2009

Striped Pajamas, Part 1

Striped Pajamas, Part 1

I learned how to sew in high school, from the teachings of my home economics teacher and my very own mother, a clothing and textiles major. As a wedding gift, I received my very own sewing machine. ::sigh:: It was a day up there with, although still a long shot from, the Christmas I received my first KitchenAid mixer. (Yes, first. My grandmother "Mimo" upgraded me to the industrial size as a wedding present.) Anyway, I digress. Having a sewing machine in my possession could mean only one thing: I'd have to create something. So, first on the list: pajamas. I've made pajama pants in the past. I'm familiar with that. This whole shirt thing -- with buttons, a collar, and interfacing??? -- was a whole new area of exploration.

Needless to say, "production" has slowed now that the pants are finished. I have the workings of my shirt strewn across the living room floor, trying to figure out where I'm supposed to sew next. In due time, I hope to have it completed, but for now, I bring you Striped Pajamas, Part 1.

Here are the supplies I used. Since I followed instructions on the Kwik Sew pattern, I'm not going to go into detail on the actual production. But for those who are familiar with sewing, you might appreciate seeing what I ordered.

pattern: Kwik Sew Pattern #2811 Misses Sleepwear Pajamas (bought on Ebay)
fabric: #QQ652 Coral Multi-Stripe Shirting (bought on
thread: All-Purpose Polyester Thread #NMC020938, also from FFC
buttons: (4) 3/4" light tortoise shell 4-hole #NMC090477, also from FFC
interfacing: Pellon Decor-Bond NR-744, fusible, white (
elastic: 1" wide white; 1 foot

Cutting out the pattern pieces:

Filling the bobbin:

Making ties for the waist band:

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